Genuine Malachite 10mm Natural Gemstone Bracelet 6-9” Elasticated


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Beautiful Natural Malachite Gemstone Bracelet For Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra, Meditation or just for its beauty.
Each bracelet has beautifully polished Gemstone beads.
As gemstone is a natural material each bracelet has it’s own totally unique colouring and markings.
It is not in human hand to control the colour, transparency, cracks and many other things in this natural stones.
Brand New Handmade by Michael’s UK Jewellery in UK

*Bracelet will be send in our Beautiful Box with Gemstone Meaning
Now You can give or send it as Fantastic gift*

Malachite is a deep healing stone that embodies the nurturing aspects of the natural world. It has a strong affinity to the Devic spirits of the landscape and the Life Force that flows through all living things.

Malachite is stone of transformation and encourages emotional risk taking. It can be an excellent aid to breaking outworn and unwanted patterns of behavior, particularly those of a romantic nature. It supports friendship, empathy and deep feelings of love for others. It is also a talisman against emotional blackmail and will help to heal emotional abuse. Wear pieces of this lovely crystal as earrings or pendants as well as bracelets and brooches when you are serious about seeking a truly equal love partner.

The abundance of the Earth is apparent in the markings on crystals of Malachite and the Ancients believed that it would act as a magnet to material wealth via the minerals of the earth if worn as a talisman by those seeking to increase both their good fortune in business and a larger share of finances.

Care should be taken when working with Malachite not to breathe in its dust as it is a toxic mineral when taken internally. That said, it is also a very powerful healer and is especially effective for female health issue. It help to alleviate both the symptoms of the menopause and the discomforts associated with the menstrual cycle. It is also believed to help with cold sweats and intestinal pains it has some diuretic properties and has long been used by healers to treat kidney stones.

Malachite is dedicated to the Heart Chakra primarily and can be used resolve blockages in this area. It will help to re-balance the Heart Center so that you can see your own needs and emotions more clearly. Malachite can also be used to stimulate the Throat Chakra and to help with the removal of anything that is stopping you from speaking your truth clearly and honestly. Placed on the Third Eye Chakra, Malachite can activate the abilities of visualization and psychic vision.

Malachite is associated with the Zodiac sign of Taurus. All of the malachite benefits included in malachite meaning are enjoyed by people born under this sign even more than those born under other signs.

10mm Genuine Natural Gemstone Beads
Strong Elastic Cord

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