Lepidolite Hexa Point Pendant Necklace




Beautiful Natural Lepidolite Gemstone Hexagonal Point Pendant Necklace with stainless steel chain.
For Chakra, Reiki, Crystal Healing or just for its beauty.
As gemstone is a natural material each pendant has it’s own totally unique colouring and markings.
Because the material is natural quartz crystal, the color of the pendant you’ll receive may be different from the picture showing. Each pendant is different and unique.


Can occur in shades of pink and lilac and is sometimes confused with Amethyst so take care when buying this crystal and make sure that you get a genuine Lepidolite. It is a very spiritual stone and can connect you to the Divine and put you in touch with your own inner divinity.

Lepidolite works on a spiritual level to bring love, compassion and deep joy to those already in a love relationship. Will help those who wish to become more open about their feelings, those who are shy and those suffering from past heartaches, by healing and restoring the natural loving energies that are your birthright.

In terms of financial or monetary gain Lepidolite is very useful for fundraisers and charity workers. If your intentions are pure and true this crystal will attract to you the resources you need.

An excellent stone for the relief of stress and anxiety. It is believed to strengthen the immune system, combat sick building syndrome and help to lift depression.

Lepidolite vibrates with a powerful yet gentle and consistent energy that is very effective in cleansing all of the Chakras. It will be of particular benefit when used to open, balance and cleanse the Heart, Crown and Third Eye Chakras. Its gentle energy encourages us to retain an open mind and to be receptive to loving energies.

Lepidolite is the traditional stone for the sign of Libra. Its ability to balance mood and energies make it ideal for Librans to wear as jewelry. All of the Lepidolite benefits included in Lepidolite meaning are enjoyed by people born under this sign even more than those born under other signs.

Genuine Natural Gemstone Pendant
Metal Alloy
Stainless Steel Chain

Full size include bail: approx. 55mm, stone width: 10mm
Stainless Steel Chain length – 50cm/19.6”

1x Pendant Necklace with Our Beautiful Pouch

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