Mozambique Amazonite Natural Gemstone Bracelet 6-9” Elasticated


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Beautiful Natural Mozambique Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet For Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra, Meditation or just for its beauty.
Each bracelet has beautifully polished 10mm Gemstone beads.
As gemstone is a natural not dyed material each bracelet has it’s own totally unique colouring and markings.
It is not in human hand to control the colour, transparency, cracks and many other things in this natural stones.
Brand New Handmade by Michael’s UK Jewellery in UK

*Bracelet will be send in our Beautiful Box with Gemstone Meaning
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Amazonite is a stone of truth and courage. It occurs in attractive shades of turquoise green and has a bold and powerful energy vibration.

Amazonite is good for supporting those who feel lonely and encouraging them to reach out to others for love and comfort. It is believed by some to make married life more harmonious and happy. It is especially beneficial to women who may be experiencing low self-esteem following the breakdown of a relationship.

The dynamic and powerful energy of the vibration of amazonite makes it an ideal stone for anyone involved in creating and growing their own business. As a stone of courage it can aid in risk-taking leading to financial abundance.

Amazonite is a good all round health stone and is believed to aid cell regeneration, relieve muscle spasms and treat disorders of the throat, nerves, thymus and bones. It can be helpful in balancing the metabolic processes involved in our ability to assimilate calcium. Rub an affected area with polished Amazonite to soothe itchy or inflamed skin and to treat dryness in skin and hair.

Amazonite is deeply stimulating when used on the Throat and Heart Chakras. Place a piece of the stone on these areas when meditating in order to open the chakras and encourage the free flow of life force energy. When the Throat Chakra is in balance we are able to express ourselves clearly in positive ways. When the Heart Chakra is open and cleansed we are able to give and receive unconditional love in all areas of our lives.

Zodiac Sign:
Amazonite is a natural birthstone for those born as spring begins (20 March – 19 April)
Although there is no official zodiac sign assigned to Amazonite it can be very helpful to those born under the sign of Aries. Leos often seem to have a natural affinity with this crystal.  It brings equilibrium, self-discovery and balance to these signs. It may also help to relieve depression in Scorpios. All of the Amazonite benefits included in Amazonite meaning are enjoyed by people born under this sign even more than those born under other signs.

8mm Genuine Natural Gemstone Beads
Strong Elastic Cord

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