Rhodochrosite Natural Gemstone Bracelet 6-9” Elasticated


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Beautiful Natural Rhodochrosite Gemstone Bracelet For Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra, Meditation or just for its beauty.
Each bracelet has beautifully polished 7-8mm Gemstone beads.
As gemstone is a natural not dyed material each bracelet has it’s own totally unique colouring and markings.
It is not in human hand to control the colour, transparency, cracks and many other things in this natural stones.
Brand New Handmade by Michael’s UK Jewellery in UK

*Bracelet will be send in our Beautiful Box with Gemstone Meaning
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The delightful raspberry pink colour of this stone makes it a popular crystal for jewellery and talismans. It emanates one of the most loving and tender energies of any stone and brings joy and healing to those who wear or carry it.

Rhodochrosite is one of the most finely tuned crystals to the vibrations of the heart and to the resonance of Love from other realms. It is known as the Stone of the Compassionate Heart and stirs people to action on behalf of others in a spirit of self-less love. It is also a very powerful stone for healing one’s own traumas and emotions, especially those that are rooted in past experiences or past lives. When we have healed our own hearts we are then ready to give unconditional love to others.

The best use of Rhodochrosite with regards to finance is when you wish to heal your relationship with money. This may take the form of loosening your grip on it and healing your fear of lack or scarcity, or it may be that you are over profligate and need to rein in your spending. Rhodochrosite will help you to learn to love the resources you have and to welcome future abundance with open arms.

Rhodochrosite is a versatile health stone and has many uses within the physical body. It contains manganese necessary for bone growth and tissue repair and is also credited with the ability to remove irritants from the lungs, stabilise blood pressure and correct thyroid imbalances. Made into an elixir it can be taken internally to alleviate infections and digestive disorders. It supports conventional treatments for disease that may stem from emotional or mental suffering.

Rhodochrosite can be used to clear and activate the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the energy distributor for the system. It is also the place where we hold tension connected with relationships and needs to be balanced and clear if we are to maintain a strong emotional and physical body. As a pink crystal Rhodochrosite also has an important role to play in the cleansing and balancing of the Heart Chakra, opening the heart to receive Love on all levels.

Zodiac Sign:
Rhodochrosite is a natural birthstone for those born between October 22 and November 20. It is also the zodiac stone for those born under the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio in a Success sign which means that most Scorpios are complicated, independent, creative, and have a great sense of humour. They can be quite competitive and make excellent leaders. All of the Rhodochrosite benefits included in Rhodochrosite meaning are enjoyed by people born under this sign even more than those born under other signs

7-8mm Genuine Natural Gemstone Beads
Strong Elastic Cord

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