Vesuvianite Point Pendant Gemstone Necklace




Beautiful Natural Vesuvianite/Idocrase Gemstone Point Pendant Necklace with stainless steel chain .
For Reiki, Crystal Healing or just for its beauty.
It would make a lovely gift for a yoga teacher or yoga enthusiast.
As gemstone is a natural material each pendant has it’s own totally unique colouring and markings.
Because the material is natural quartz crystal, the color of the pendant you’ll receive may be a little bit different from the picture showing.
Each pendant is different and unique.

Vesuvianite/Idocrase gemstone meaning:
Vesuvianite is a very energetic stone that helps with spiritual growth. The vibrations of this stone embrace one to find the courage to pave the way down a path that showcases their true potential. It has the ability to help one to release the things that keep them from progressing down the path of their spiritual journey, including fears, hidden fears and phobias. This is a great stone to help find encouragement and enthusiasm for life to allow for happiness and growth. Vesuvianite offers a direct link to the higher-self to acquire the information one needs to understand their soul purpose during this incarnation. This will allow one to make changes that are in alignment with one’s true purpose. Also, this is a great stone for healers, as it carries the healing energies of Kwan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of compassion and mercy. She carries the Universal healing energy.

Genuine Natural Gemstone Pendant
Stainless Steel Chain

Full size include bail: approx 50-65mm, stone width: 9-12mm
Stainless Steel Chain length – 50cm/19.6”

1x Gemstone Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain
1xOur Beautiful Pouch

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