Yellow Giraffe Pendant Teething Necklace


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Beautiful Teething Pendant Necklaces
A fun and practical way to relieve your baby´s teething pain. It can be refrigerated for extra relieve. 

If you’ve ever held a baby, you know how much they love to grab and chew. Teething Necklace offers a better alternative to hair pulling, skin pinching, glasses twisting, etc. Little ones NEED to explore – it’s crucial to their development – so why not give them a safe product that will soothe and entertain while easing your frustration as a parent, Going out to dinner, sitting in church, standing line at the grocery store – let your busy baby play. As with every stage, endless grabbing shall pass. But when your little one is reaching for everything in sight, it’s great to have a handy product that will safely satisfy their curiosity. And if Mom can look stylish in the process, all the better!
Offering a neutral colour that suits any outfit, this necklace is made from non-toxic, soft 100% silicon – perfect for your baby to ease those sore gums.

(Easy to clean, simply wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly! All jewelry is intended to be worn by ADULTS only. Do not leave children unattended with jewelry.
Regularly check for any damage to jewelry. If the beads, cord, or clasp are damaged discontinue use.)

Safe, 100% Food Grade non-toxic silicon beads
Safe, breakaway clasp to prevent sore necks and broken jewellery
BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free
Soap&Water + Dishwasher safe

Pendant 10cm/4”x5cm/2”
Necklace approx. 28” long

1x Teething Necklace

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